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Our vision is “To be globally recognized" as a centre of Excellence for best education and disseminating knowledge by providing abroad study assistance, internship, inspirational and industrial projects to produce professional leaders for serving the society and make the world sustainable.

Assistance to get 100% Scholarship for semester Exchange, Masters and Ph.D

Our mission is to bring transparency in education system and learning process, DOTS also aims to reduce the gap between the teachers and the students at international level.

Assistance to find Internship

We focus to provide affordable services for students at lower cost and remove financial barrier between students and their abroad study dream. DOTS aims to reach each and every student who have the zeal to learn and upgrade themselves with the global advance technologies.

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Raveev Tiwari

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Assistance for induarial Project

Producing India level land inequality statistics using the 2012 SECC data - several inequality statistics at village/block/state level. We can do a between and within inequality analysis for the country...

Guidance and Assistance to get 100% Scholarship to study and Stay abroad

& perform applications at the same time if an individual think with the intention then electrical equipment begins functioning...

Free councling for internship, semester exchnge and study Masters across the globe.

Students who are ambitious to work in Renewable energy sector which is booming sector not in India but in world he is the right person to get in contact with...

Build your Network and connection all around the world.

Increasing demand for high data rates with the proliferation of wireless services is calling for powerful communication technologies that exploit the current spectrum more efficiently...

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When it comes about assistance,
We are always dedicated to solve your problem".

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Remote Farming


Robotics using AI

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Here are some of the projects we provide.

Research Paper writing

Writing the research paper increases the innovation and crestivity of students and increases the deep understanding of perticular cases.

Creativity and Innovation

When there is creative and innovative mind that give birth of new thoughts and products, here DOTS help you to how implement your innovative ideas.

Consistancy and implemetation.

When you research about something , it need a consistancy because working on different module need to be tested individually and ultimately combine all and implement your piolet project to make project successfull.

Productivity and Success

Working inresearch and development believe in productivity of works not just making attempt but also belive in success of works.

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